Here are some frequently asked questions that I get regarding Flying K!

1. What are your products made out of? 

All of my products are made out of aluminum! 

2. Is your turquoise real? 

Turquoise is 100% real, authentic & riveted in! It is not glued, so it won’t pop off.

3. Will they tarnish or turn me green? 

Nope, they don't tarnish and they won't make you turn a color! 

4. How do I know if the rings will fit me? 

All of my designs are adjustable, however if you have questions feel free to reach out! 

5. How long does shipping take? 

My turnaround time is 3 weeks, then shipping is roughly 3-5 business days. 

6. Are you looking for any brand reps? 

Not at the moment, but when I am I will post about it on my Instagram!